"The essence of leadership is relationship; influencing people to achieve things together that can't be achieved alone." Leonard Sweet

My name is Kristin Berry

I am a coach, trainer, teacher and mentor. I believe in the importance of resilience, positivity and the ability that we have to choose the perspective from which we look at our circumstances.

I work on leadership and collaboration through relationships. The first relationship to work on and understand is with yourself. From there you can improve the relationships with those around you and with your world. I believe leadership is a journey from understanding yourself to being able to make an impact on others and the world. When you are more self-aware you can relate to others with more empathy and humanity, make solid decisions, take action and make decisions in an effective and conscious way.

Leading Through Relationships

Leadership starts with a self-awareness that leads to confidence and self-appreciation.

When we are coming from a place of self-awareness and security we can then relate to others with more humanity and empathy, make solid decisions, and act effectively and consciously in all arenas of our lives.

Are you the leader of a group and would like to find ways to motivate and communicate better with your people?

Are you a leader of an organization and would like to see positive transformation in your organization? Change starts at the top.

Are you looking to progress into a leadership role in your career?

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