I am a coach, trainer, teacher and mentor. I believe in the importance of resilience, positivity and the ability that we have to choose the perspective from which we look at our circumstances.

​My Philosophy: “Stronger leadership comes through more authentic relationships with oneself, others and the world.”

I am passionate, curious, empathetic and persevering, qualities that I have relied on to face the challenges of living, working and raising a family in a new country, beating cancer two times, being an effective and compassionate educator and developing my current professional career as an executive and team coach and trainer.

I am originally from Chicago and have been living in Barcelona since 2007.  I am bilingual in Spanish and English, and I speak functional Catalán and basic French.

I work on leadership and collaboration through relationships. The first relationship to work on and understand is with yourself. From there you can improve the relationships with those around you and with your world. I believe leadership is a journey from understanding yourself to gaining confidence and self-assurance and from there to making an impact on others and the world. When you are more self-aware you can relate to others with more empathy and humanity, make solid decisions, take action and make decisions in an effective and conscious way.

I am a CTI certified coach (Certified Professional Co-active Coach). I also am trained in EED (Emerging Essence Dynamics) for individual and team coaching, leadership and relationships. I have also trained in ORSC (Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching) training to do team and relationship coaching. In addition, I am a certified DISC behavior analyst. DISC is a tool I use to help teams and individuals become more self and socially aware and thus be able to influence, resolve and prevent conflict and collaborate in a more effective manner.

I coach professional and executive clients with a focus on their relationships to improve their leadership abilities and create positive results in organizational culture. My clients are in local as well as international work environments such as Elements Global Services, Castiel Consultants and Uniq Residential.

I consistently maintain a part of my work that is dedicated to Life Coaching. Those clients are both local and via skype. This work is extremely gratifying, and I love accompanying people on their personal journeys to fulfilling their dreams and goals. As a team coach and trainer, I work with teams in multi-cultural and diverse settings such as Panasonic, El Institut de Seguretat de Catalunya and GE to create more awareness, emotional intelligence, empathy and improved communication, so they can better work in alignment and become more highly functioning. I also work with highly competent, young people as they begin their professional journeys and dedicate time to working with educators when the opportunities present themselves.

The variety of environments is stimulating as I enjoy confronting the challenges and, of course, the fruits of such diversity. 

In addition to my coaching business, I am an adjunct professor at the EAE business school where I design and teach Management Skills courses for the International MBA and Masters in International Business programs. These classes focus on leadership skills for high performing teams. I also co-designed and impart the Self-Leadership program in English, which are in the form of interactive workshops where students learn the “soft skills” necessary for the professional (and personal) world. In my classes, as with my clients, I emphasize the importance of introspection and human relations in order to be a strong leader that creates and inspires highly productive teams.