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Self awareness is probably the most important thing towards being a champion. Billie Jean King





The essence of leadership is relationship; influencing people to achieve things together that can't be achieved alone. Leonard Sweet

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I can’t speak highly enough of Kristin. She provided me with invaluable support, guidance and advice during a challenging six-month period in 2017, addressing topics at both a personal and professional level. Her knowledge, insight and experience and her ability to advise, listen and challenge on a wide range of issues was hugely beneficial. The progress made during our six-months of working together far exceeded my expectations and continues to influence my life on a day to day basis. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kristin and her coaching services and neither would I hesitate to call on her again.

Tom Maidment

Partner, Costa Brava and Maresme, Lucas Fox International Properties

A quick note to formally thank you for organising and facilitating our Staff Day.

It was the perfect event; with exactly the right combination of developing our business; building the team and intelligent enjoyment. The word that described the day for me was ‘UNITY’, and it’s great having you with us on our journey.

Jon Blasby, MRICS

Director at Castiel Consulting

“Something had to change…or better said “someone” had to change! Me!

I know that coaching could help to a certain degree and even a great deal in some cases, especially professionally, and I knew it could help me. What I didn’t know is that EVERYTHING was going to change. Kristin helped me to feel, to identify a problem, to personify the hidden fear, accept it and finally walk with it so that its presence no longer inhibited me…the coaching helped me a lot in this sense. We all live with fears that impede us from advancing in the direction we would like to go. Accepting a situation is the first step to overcoming it, and Kristin helped me to take that step. The third session with Kristin brought me out of a blindness. It was amazing! I recommend coaching to anyone who wants to make a change and especially if you are looking to advance in some way! Thank you Kristin”.

Christelle Abondance

Credit Risk - Global Credit Risk Analyst , Empresa International de Perfumería

Kristin knows how to create a positive environment for everyone involved which creates a space for engaging sessions where positive interactions between all parties maximize the learning experience.  Kristin’s class brought our group together by breaking down personality and cultural barriers. She showed up everyday ready to go and in turn she expects participation and contribution from participants.  She motivated me to practice soft skills that not only help out in a professional setting but also for everyday life.  Kristin has significantly helped me to better understand myself as well as understand whoever I am in communication with.  If you want to work with someone who will encourage you to bring out the best in yourself, I highly recommend working with Kristin.  

Joonha Hwang

Project Engineer and International MBA candidate

I would like to thank Kristin Berry for shaping the mindset of tomorrow’s leaders and inspiring me how to create more and think bigger. During her Management Skills courses she shared thought-provoking articles and books that expand my mind. Kristin is a very positive and energetic coach who remind me that life is not just business but people too.

Mick Zegers

MIB candidate at EAE Business School

The real life example of great leader I had the opportunity to have at my school has been a lady named Kristin Berry. Her way of leading and motivating was really admirable. Her leadership style is affiliative and visionary. In the first meeting we made it clear what we want from her classes and what we want from each other. Everything what we have imagined, we achieved. She was the one who was motivating us and pushing us forward. Before being a teacher she is our friend who makes us closer and we felt more comfortable and more productive at her classes. We didn’t have fear to express ourselves. She had so much empathy and understanding for all of us. That is what makes her the great leader.

Ruzika Duvnjak

Master of International Business candidate EAE Business school, Barcelona

Kristin is the most enthusiastic professor I’ve ever had and her enthusiasm is contagious – I love it. Not a class goes by that I don’t learn something about being a better leader that I feel I would be able to put into practice in any work environment.

The training with her gave me the necessary tools to improve my team leadership abilities. She helped me to recognize my potential as a leader and she trained me to achieve it.

Training with Kristin can be summarized in one word: empowerment. Her goal is to empower her student to achieve their potential as leaders. For sure, I feel I have become more confident in surpassing obstacles with my team and have gained deeper knowledge about developing emotional intelligence to best serve my colleagues and drive my team to excellence. Kristin’s passion about her work as a professor is felt through her enthusiasm for the class she teaches as well as her availability to support students personally. 

She is immediately likeable and this makes Kristin highly missed after the course comes to an end. 

Clio Stoidis

Legal consultant at World Health Organisation of the UN, International MBA candidate at EAE Business School

“I met Kristin through the university where she was my leadership professor during my MBA. I really enjoyed her classes. They were so interesting and they always brought me a deeper understanding of my own abilities in work, in a team and in life. When I found out she was a coach it seemed to be the perfect opportunity to go deeper into my learning about myself. Above all Kristin is very positive and has an ability to understand people. I now have much more confidence in myself and in what I can achieve in life, in my abilities and my own will power.

Kristin has helped me to understand what is most important to me so that I can set goals and organize myself to really achieve them one by one. Sometimes it feels really hard to accept that we aren’t meeting our goals. Sometimes we think we know why we aren’t and sometimes we think it is just bad luck. I have learned through coaching that with a strong will, positive energy and sometimes a bit of help, I can achieve what I set my mind to. I believe that having someone give us a little push and support to reach our objectives is so interesting and can definitely change our lives!”.

Daniela Velez

Product and Project Responsible, Orange Fish

“What I most liked about working with Kristin is that she transmits security and helped me to trust myself. Now I know that I am capable of achieving whatever I decide to do. I recommend Kristin because of how much she has helped me. Thank you so much”.

Isabel Sánchez


“Kristin was my professor of Management Skills in my MBA. I was very motivated to work with Kristin because she demonstrated at all times to be very knowledgeable about leadership topics and the activities she led in class. I felt she was a trustworthy and respectful person and I was so happily surprised by the activities, such as the team buildings, that we did in class.

Through the private coaching sessions Kristin gave me many tools that I could use to deal with situations and problems that I chose to examine with her. Without a doubt we should all work to be better people. Kristin helped me a great deal because from the start I could sense her real interest in helping me. One can definitely meet their set objectives through these sessions and exercises. It is important to know that the effort one puts into the coaching process is directly linked to the results one can achieve.

In my case, I really enjoyed developing a roadmap to understand my strengths as well as my weaknesses. Based on this map, my perception of how I see things changed a great deal. I was able to focus my goals and objectives for the short, mid and long term. I have also definitely developed many of my communication skills. I am happy because the coaching work depends on two people’s efforts: both mine and Kristin’s have made me a better person. I think that the most important thing anyone who would like to work with Kristin should know is that she is not only an excellent professional but she is a great woman who is warm, sensitive and sincere. I can attest to the effectiveness of her sessions.

In summary, I very much recommend working with her because she is a super professional who cares for her clients, has a strong command of her subject matter and adds a human element that makes it a pleasant experience from the very beginning. I would like to add that I thank her very much for everything as it is not easy to work on oneself but it has resulted in much improvement. No pain no gain!”.

Luiggi Rubini

Former International MBA student en EAE

“I found Kristin through a teacher at my school and was motivated to work with her to make improvements on both an academic and a personal level. I have been able to reach my objectives thanks to the coaching exercises and mentoring that I have done with Kristin which have helped me to improve attitudes or problems that were impediments to bringing out my full potential.

Working with her has helped me to look at an experience or problem from a more optimistic perspective and to be able to empathize more with people. I really have enjoyed Kristin’s ability to empathize with others as well as the way in which she works. I have also enjoyed the relationship we have created in the sense that I feel she knows me and understands what I am going through often just by using her intuition. I have made a great evolution through my work with Kristin by acquiring new habits that have helped me in my daily life, and I have improved a great deal on a personal level, as well.

The most important thing I can say to someone who is thinking of working with Kristin is that if you open up and you speak with sincerity you will get very good results. I highly recommend working with Kristin because it is a great opportunity for self-reflection, she helps in all aspects of your life and her input will serve you in your entire life. I would like to thank her for the experience that we have shared and I hope she continues to do what she is doing because it really is a huge help. I am holding onto everything I have learned with her and I see a real before and after in my life”.


Adolescent studying her “bachillerato”/high school