“Authentic leadership is the full expression of 'me' for the benefit of 'we'."

Henna Inam

Executive coaching is for professionals who are currently leaders in/of their organizations. I work with leaders looking for support, growth and to make increased impact at this point in their career. Coaching is an opportunity to reflect, question, grow and challenge the status quo in your leadership style and consciously show up in a more authentic and relatable way. 

During individual executive coaching sessions we will work to increase your skills to lead an effective, satisfied and productive team.

We will examine different styles of leadership and in the process we can look at topics like communication for creative and innovative leadership such as active listening, how to ask powerful questions, give “feedforward”, and create a culture of candor and true collaboration.

You will define your values and your personal mission so that you can act and make coherent and ethical decisions that will add fulfillment to your work and will make you a model for the people around you.