“Authentic leadership is a whole body experience. Our bodies have a lot more to teach us about ourselves than our thoughts.”

Henna Inam

I work with professionals who are interested in working on increasing the impact they make and their ability to influence and collaborate in the professional setting. Coaching is a wonderful way to develop personally and professionally and make strides toward goals and improved relationships in an authentic way.

You will delve into the topic of leadership, learn what you bring to the table and how you can exploit your unique qualities to be an influential member of a team or organization.

We will examine limiting thoughts, what might hold you back from showing up fully and what role insecurities, fears or doubt play in your interactions. We will use your mind and the wisdom in your “gut” to help you to make coherent decisions.

As we go through the coaching process together, you will gain confidence and direction in both your professional and personal lives.